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A revolutionary medical grade treatment to tighten and lift loose skin

Prices vary according to area to be discussed in consultation, from £295.00


This is a revolutionary medical grade treatment to thighten and treat loose skin. Plasma Lift is the only aesthetic treatment to eliminate excess and loose skin. Results last up to three years. The treatments is known as soft surgery and is highly effective and is a lower cost alternative to surgery. A consultation and patch test is required. Two treatments are included in the price and can be carried out twelve weeks apart.

Areas treated include:

  • deep wrinkle reduction
  • fine lines
  • hooded upper eyelids
  • crows feet on the side of the eye
  • wrinkles and sagging under the eye
  • neck and jowels tightening
  • frown lines
  • forehead
  • lip enhancement
  • lip lines
  • plus sagging loose skin on upper around and abdomen
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