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Make your skin glow

Is your skin looking dull, lacking luminosity or needing a boost? We have a selection of Enzyme Peels as well as Medical grade peels that can help target various skin concerns. Perfect for uneven complexion, Ageing/Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Blemishes, Scars and Acne.
A peel can be a one off skin boost or a course of treatments can be prescribed if your skin is suitable. Book four peels and get your fifth peel free. Retinol and Vitamin C products are included.

CO2 Peel

A vitamin C based peel, based on advanced Korean technology. Designed to brighten and resuface, whilst working in harmony with your skin.
45 mins £75
Light Peel

Brightening skin peel that helps overall complexion to encourage a beautiful natural glow. Targeting fine lines, wrinkles and open pores by using L-Mandelic, Lactobionic, L-Lactic and Salicylic acid.
45 mins £80
Superficial Enzyme Peel

A fantastic lunchtime peel that targets dull skin lacking in luminosity. A blend of enzymes targets the build up of skin cells causing dull lifeless skin. It combines powerful anti-oxidants to bring clarity to the complexion.
45 mins £80
Prescriptive Peels

Consultation and patch test required. For best results, a minimum of four peels are recommended 7-14 days apart.
45 mins £95
Age Peel

A combination of L-Lactic, L-Mandelic and Salicyclic acid that helps reduce wrinkled, ageing skin. Encourages cell renewal and hydration for devitalised skins.
45 mins £85
White Peel

Brightening NG skin peel to help target pigmentation. L-Lactic and Phytic acid are used to help reduce melanin and tyrosinase activity.
45 mins £95
Beta Peel

A powerful blend of L-Lactic, L-Mandelic, Salicyclic and Azelaic acid that works deep in the pores to help reduce breakouts, improve scarring and improve the appearance
45 mins £95
Jessner Peel

A deeper peel designed to target all of your skin concerns. A popular treatment for anti-ageing and skin resurfacing. L-Lactic and Salicyclic acids plus Resourcinol, are combined to help the appearance of open pores, acne, collagen production plus softens the skin.
45 mins £95
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