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Body Treatments

Non-surgical body sculpting treatments are available to treat the abdomen, inner/outer thigh, buttocks, flanks and upper arms. We offer Fat Freezing, Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Shockwave and Body HIFU using our 3D Lipomed system.
A consultation is required to establish which treatment is suitable for you. We can create your own treatment plan.

3D Lipomed is a revolutionary technology that can help to target unwanted fat (that hasn’t responded to diet or exercise) and cellulite as well as firming, tightening and toning the skin. It’s very popular for areas such as the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs and upper arms and has made a real difference for many of our clients.

The treatment takes a multi-treatment approach to deliver the best potential results. These include cryolipolysis and cavitation to reduce unwanted fat in stubborn areas and focus fractional radio frequency to tighten and smooth skin and target cellulite. In addition, 3D-shockwave can enhance the results of the other procedures while contouring and treating cellulite in its own right. All of the treatments are non-invasive providing a genuine alternative to liposuction with no need for surgery.

Body TreatmentsPrice
Fat Freezing/Cryolipolysis

We use an advanced professional 3D Lipo system. Targeted cells are lowered to minus 6 degrees causing 20-40% of the fat cells to die. We recommend two treatments 12 weeks apart for optimal results.

Areas treated: Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Buttocks, Underarm, Under Chin.

Treatment courses available.
60 mins
1 x area ie upper abdomen £165.00

60 mins
2 x areas ie upper and lower abdomen

3 x areas £395

4 x areas £495
3D LipoMed Treatment Plan

Combination treatments using Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Shockwave treatment.

Course of 8 x treatments recommended
60 mins £120.00

90 mins £175.00

Body HIFU Fat Sculpting

High Focused Ultrasound can be used for targeted fat removal and stubborn pockets of fat for body sculpting. Each area is treated in two depths through a hand piece grid. Mild warmth may be felt.

One off treatment

30 mins £250

60 mins £400

90 mins £500
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