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Advanced skincare treatments for individuals and beauty businesses

With over 25 years experience in aesthetics and beauty industry, we offer professional, advanced skincare treatments to individuals, clinics, salons and medical practitioners.

We are passionate about working with your skin to give you the very best results.

Our consultations are imperative to your treatment as the skin is the largest organ of the body and reflects your internal health, your genetics and the environment you work and live in. Medication, health, hormone levels, plus how you look after your skin, all contribute to how your skin appears.

Our  unique approach of combination treatments are designed individually for each client. This process encourages training your skin cells to renew, repair and therefore look fantastic.
We offer body sculpting treatments such as Fat Freezing, Cavitation, RF, Shockwave and Body HIFU.  Treatment plans are bespoke and designed specifically for you.

Whether you are a teenager who is experiencing acne, or you are concerned about rosacea, wrinkles, ageing, hormonal changes, or you just want to improve and rejuvenate your skin, then please make contact to book in your consultation at one of our clinics in Oxford, Kent, Buckingham, Daventry or Towcester. We look forward to welcoming you to the Skin Balance clinic.

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